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We work with architects, developers and self builders to design low energy building performance - including homes, offices, hospitals and hotels.


Low energy buildings usually cost too much to deliver their performance.   When we buy a car we know the price and its miles per gallon.    With buildings we take on trust an appropriate amount is spent on energy related measures and we do not know the likely running costs.   Usually, too much is spent on the building and heating equipment with no performance improvement.   Sustainable Solutions designs using a combined energy and finance model to deliver a building's performance for a known capital cost.   We predict the energy usage for your target - zero carbon, Code for Sustainable Homes levels, Building Regs etc.   


More than that, we can give you the choices that enable you to trade off design features, capital cost and running costs of the energy aspects of your building to meet the budget.


In a recent project, the design reduced the estimated capital spend on the 420m2 house by £40,000 and retained the same very low annual expenditure as the original proposal.   We can achieve your energy or carbon target knowing it uses the minimum of resources in terms of money and materials.